Performing the Landscape

A body based improvisational workshop exploring our relationship to 'place'. We will look at how an embodied presence inhabits space and the manifestation of imagery, movement and performance material in relationship to the specific characteristics and context of a site.
This will involve working in relationship to constructed environments in the studio space and in outdoor locations.
A central focus is the development of improvisational skills, looking at was to engage, generate and compose together instantaneously. The workshop will promote an individual sense of play and invention in a stimulating and supportive environment.

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Body Object Landscape
Sketching composition with body and objects
with Brenda Waite and Jenny Haack
The workshop begins with awakening the senses and
sharpening our focus for moving and composing with our bodies in the space.
Inviting playfulness, co-ordination, flexibility and flow to integrate our creative body-mind.
Improvisational scores will lead us into a dialogue with others, objects and constructed spaces in the studio.
Through key concepts such as place, framing, dynamics and duration, we will build an understanding of how we
 perceive, occupy space and compose.
We will explore the potential of objects in our compositions creating a landscape of images to respond to and inspire performance.