The Flummery Room

Current Dates are: 
December 3rd 2017 11- 1.30pm
Dance Space, The Island. Bridewell st. 1st Floor.

The Flummery Room is a weekly workshop for creatives, including actors, dancers, circus artists and others who would like to explore their movement language and performance interests.
The sessions begin with a one hour class, a rich mix of individual and collective movement training using improvisation and a range of techniques to explore themes of presence, space, object, voice/language and more. Each session has a specific focus or theme.  Through a progressive layering of elements we move into a more open structure of guided improvisations and performance practise.


The Flummery Room was founded in 1998 in Bristol to bring together artists from a range of creative disciplines and experience to develop their practise within the field of performance improvisation. The initiative ran for 8 years and served as a space for artistic exchange and development through collaboration, the sharing of skills, regular practise and peer support which extended into wider spheres of collaboration and creative partnerships. It also provided an informal performance platform in the form of a regular public showing of work.

After relocating to Berlin in 2007 Brenda continued to participate in numerous artist led spaces, platforms and collectives including Flummery at RAW temple; Fernbeziehung, International X-Change Festival; The Meeting Point; Freistil, Tanzfabrik and Ponderosa Movement and Discovery. 

The Flummery Room was re-launched in Bristol in 2015 informed and inspired by those models, contemporary performance practises and in the spirit of artistic experimentation. 

My key interest and experience as a teacher is to facilitate connection between artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and ages. To provide a broad range of tools and frames that offer clarity, support and openness within a playful and intuitive process and encourage an embracing of the unfamiliar.

Teaching Bio
Brenda has taught extensively in a wide range of contexts including theatre in education, community settings, as well as centres for performing arts such as Dance House, Melbourne, Dartington College of the Arts; University of Art and Design, Berlin; Tanzfabrik, Berlin and Ciromedia, Bristol. 
She runs classes and workshops regularly in Bristol with offerings such as The Flummery Room,
 Instant Composition and Body Room Landscape
Brenda participates in ongoing movement studies, research and her methodology is often a fusion of a broad range of physical languages and styles.