I am a performance practitioner, teacher and movement director with  
a background in physical theatre and new dance techniques. My interest lies in the expressive potential of the body in performance and my work is grounded in practises that accentuate 'live-ness'.   My projects often focus on fostering connection with others, our physical surroundings and themes of ecology, personal narratives and fictions. I have created and presented work in Australia and Europe for over 20 years in diverse settings from theatres to public spaces often in collaboration with artists from different creative disciplines.  
Improvisation and play are central to my practise both as a creative, practical research tool and as a performance mode. I have taught and facilitated spaces for artistic exchange, physical training and performance practise in Melbourne, Berlin and Bristol. More recently the Flummery Room at Dance Space, The Island. 

Current work includes an ongoing solo research and performance project Unintended Consequences and Body Room Landscape, a workshop model in instant composition and image making. 


Central School of Speech and Drama, London
Philippe Gaulier - Clown, Le Jeu, Tragedy, Melodrama
Desmond Jones - Mime and Physical Theatre 
Complicite - Physical and Ensemble Theatre
Lorna Marshall, Tess De Quincey - Butoh
David Glass - Physical Theatre
John Wright - Mask Theatre
The Place, Contemporary 
Margaret Lassica, Laban Technique
Rosalind Crisp, Compositional Improvisation
Improvisation and Performance
Al Wunder, Julyen Hamilton, Sten Rudstrom, Katie Duck,
David Zambrano, Stephanie Skura

Theatre Works

 Unintended Consequences
Solo Performance Series,  incl. The Island, Bristol, 2015, X-Change Festival, Berlin 2014, Ada Studios, 2010, Berlin Old Vic, Bristol 2011
Living Mannequins 
Shop window installation and performance with 
Sarah Corbett, performances in central Bristol inc. Parlour Showrooms, St. James Arcade Festival.
 The Tragic and Disturbing Tale of Little Lupin 
 Performer for  Luci Gorell Barnes   Bristol Old Vic; Without Walls Tour UK 2009/10
I Know You’re Disappointed 
Bristol Old Vic, The Cube, Sofa Variete, Berlin 2008
Brenda Waite 'In Pieces'
Mayfest Bristol Old Vic  2005 
Performances Include: London International Mime Festival 1998; Oerol Festival, Holland 97;
Hong Kong City Festival 99; Mimos, Periguex, 99; Belgium International Mime Festival 
Concept by Brenda Waite, devised and performed with Sue Arnold, Directed by John Bolton
Angelhouse Productions
Co-director with Amy Rose and Kim Tilbrook
Touring UK and European Street Festivals 1998,99
Blue Project
In collaboration with Neil Thomas
Performances Include: Sydney International Festival 1993; South Bank, Brisbane 92
Australian Film Institute Awards 1992: New Zealand Tour 1994
Happy as Laundry
Devised and performed with Penny Baron
Courthouse Theatre season Melb 1995
St George and the Dragon
Performer for Peet Cooper, Hampton Court Palace, London 1992,93,94 

Dance / Improvisation 

Begin with Uta
Solo Improvisation as part of SVA Site Festival 2019 Stroud.
With Robin Foster  
Bristol Expanded and Experimental Film Event, The Brunswick Club, Bristol. 2018
With Jenny Haack, Now Festival, Berlin 2016
Duet with Andrew Morrish, Xchange Festival Berlin, 2014, Chisenhale, London 2014
Der Nachmittag
Ensemble dance and object theatre with Jenny Haack, Berlin 2007
Improvisation Festival Ada Studios, Berlin 2001 
Workshop and Performances with Andrew Morrish and Jenny Haack
The Waitresses
Bristol Harbourside Commission
Organic Food Festival 2005 
We Have Eaten like Birds 
Performer for Angus Balbernie QEH Theatre, Bristol 2003
 Don't put me in a Penquin Suit 
with Penny Baron  and Carolyn Hanna.  Artus Theatre, Budapest 2003
Strange Trade 
With Andrew Morrish and David Wells. Performances Include: 
Melbourne Comedy Festival: National Gallery Victoria;  Science Works Museum, Vic                                             
Born In a Taxi
Improvisational Dance Theatre 1989-1997
Winner Melbourne Fringe Fest. 1992
Performances Include-
New Zealand Arts Festivals 1996; Melb. International Arts Festival 1995/96; Greenmill Dance Project 1993
Ausdance Festival,  Malthouse Melb 1994
Improvisational Performance Practise
Ongoing studio and site based Improvisational Performances

Live Art / Installation 

The Bristol Art Library 
Performer for Annabel Other SVA, Stroud 2019
Body, Materials and Performance
 Spike Island Residency with film-maker Dani Landau 2016
Performer for Luci Gorell Barnes
Art Events, Festivals 2007/08
Deeply Felt Sense
In collaboration with video artist Yoshino Shigihara and sound artist Alex Stoloff
The Tobacco Factory; Cube Cinema, Bristol Old Vic 2005
I Never  Promised you a Party Trick 
With Performance Artist Tom Marshman 
Arnolfini Live Art Forum; Bristol Old Vi 2002; P.A.R.I.P Bristol University 2003                                                                                                                                    
Keeping His Feet on the Ground
Golden Hill Allotments
In collaboration with Tom Marshman
Arnolfini Method Lab 2003

ICA Berlin-London Exhibition, London
In collaboration with  Colin Higginson
Archive Installation and Performance 2001
In collaboration  with Colin Higginson
Bath Fringe Festival 1998; Oerol Festival, Holland 1998; Arnolfini Inbetween Time Commission;
Now Festival Nottingham 2000; X-Trax Manchester 2001; Arnolfini Live Festival 2001


No. 16     (3mins)
Silent Comedy Film Festival, Watershed
Old Vic, Bristol;  The Cube 2006
Habitat    (15 mins)
Performance and Film Event in collaboration with Kyra Norman
Mayfest Festival, Bristol, 2007;  Dance Film event Ada Studio, Berlin 2008
The Visitor   (12mins)
 In collaboration with Kyra Norman
Created for Ponderosa Festival, Germany,2006; Watershed  Dance and Film  Event 06
Yoke   (12 mins)
In collaboration with Ivan Marcos and Yoshino Sigihara
Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest 2005
Ashton Court Festival, Bristol: Sofa Variete, Berlin 06


We are Bronte
Publick Transport.
 Performance and Movement direction. Touring U.K 2015/16
We need to talk about Bambi
Site based performance Latitude Festival, 2013, Tempting Failure 2014 
Legs 11 
Tom Marshman
Bristol Old Vic 2011; Edinburgh Fringe 2012  Publick Transport Performance and movement direction
Shared House
Site based performance for David Wells 2011, Melbourne
Midnight Shakes the Memory 
Born in a Taxi Co.
Melbourne 2010

Chinese Pole, Dance for Tanya Scully
Colorado Dance Festival 2008
Bristol Do. 2009

Rosi Tanzt Rosi - The Conference
Dance Performance for Susanne Martin
BAT Theatre, Berlin 2009
Un. der Kunst, Berlin 2009

Turning the Tables
Aerial Frame Piece for Helen Finch and Tanya Scully
Colorado Dance Festival 2008; Harbourside Festival, Bristol 2009

The Seance
Street Theatre Show  for Paschale Straiton / Time Wont Wait Productions
Without Walls Tour UK 2008

I Wish I Was A Cat
Physical Theatre for Miren Theatre
Co Directed with John Wright and Amy Rose
Oval House Season, London,2006
Touring 06-07

Raw Beef
Clown Theatre for Hoax Productions
Winner 'Fringe First' Edinburgh 2004
BAC. London 2005
The Arches, Glasgow 2004; Old Vic,Bristol 2003/04

Terry's Carpet Bizarre
Street Theatre for Fair Play
Commissioned by Zap Productions
Street Theatre Festivals UK. 2005

CordeLisse Performance for Matilda Leyser
Jerwood Award Recipitant 2001
Royal Opera House, London 2004
Touring Lne, Point, Plane

Deconstructing the Good Life
Live Art Performance for Tom Marshman
S. West Arts Commission; Arnolfini Arts Centre 2003