Body Room Landscape

A one day workshop on the creation of imagery, movement
and performance in relation to constructed environments within the studio.

The workshop will begin with an investigative approach to warming up the body and senses, moving in relation to various surfaces and structures. 

We will extend these experiences through improvisational scores to create a dialogue with others and the existing and constructed spaces in the studio. Exploring key concepts such as place, framing, dynamics and duration, building an understanding of how we perceive, occupy space and compose. Creating a landscape within which an event can take place.
This workshop will encourage an individual sense of play and invention.

All levels of experience welcome.

Bristol: 27th February 2011 DanceSpace

Brisbane: 5th February 2011 QLD University of Technology  
Melbourne: 12th December 2010 DanceHouse
Bristol:  27th February  The Albany Centre
              23rd May 2010 The Albany Centre 
              25th May 2010 Circomedia Performing Arts
Berlin: Am Sonntag 25th April 2010 10.30 -16.30 Ada Studio
Dance Space, The Island Bristol 2012 ongoing...